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1:1 App Programming


"I've been working with ET over the last 3 months with through his remote app services, and the progression I've experienced in this time has been beyond my expectations. He's been able to help me smash my goals short and long term, and even help me set my sights on new ones. He is an Excellent Coach!

-Josh P.

1:1 Live Virtual Training

"I've been training my whole life, and the past few years have been tough. Dealing with setbacks, injuries, and struggling to train regularly because of it. I tried other "functional" approaches to fitness that felt good, but still didn't really give me what I was looking for. I didn't feel that I was getting "the whole picture". Edward's approach to coaching and training is THE REAL DEAL. This is peak training, and I feel amazing after every single session. With his 1:1 live sessions I feel like I am actually making real progress now. Edward is the best to learn from for so many reasons. You gotta train with him to truly understand. No Pain, All Gains!!"


-Chris B. 


WeckMethod RMTS Certification

"I have been a strength coach for over 12 years. I found WeckMethod a while back, and when I found out that I could host the Rotational Movement Training Specialist certification at my facility, I knew right away that my team and I needed this in our lives, and for our clients! Edward's depth of knowledge, and style of teaching got us hooked for 6 fun hours of training during the certification. He delivered an informative, and engaging workshop (and also worked our butts off!).

The result of understanding and implementing the techniques of WeckMethod has helped our coaches and clients in amazing ways! Especially our pain/corrective clients, for example those with scoliosis, rib dysfunction, degenerative and herniated disks, hip, and knee injuries.  Thank You, Edward, for being a great and humble coach! We are honored to be a part of WeckMethod!

-Diana P.


Philosophy & Offerings

My training philosophy is simple: Quality Movement x Balanced Strength. Often times in the modern fitness landscape we bias quantitative progression at the EXPENSE of qualitative movement. What's the point of being strong in the gym, and rigid, slow, and immobile outside of it? Using the WeckMethod Lens affords us to build quality strength, "fix" imbalances, and enjoy movement without micromanaging a thing. All Gain, No Pain.


There is nothing that fuels my fire as a coach more than helping my clients crush their goals, and teaching groups at live WeckMethod Certifications.

I offer 1:1 virtual training, as well as custom remote programming delivered straight to your phone on the #1 fitness app in the world, Trainerize.

All of your sessions on the app are programmed with custom filmed exercises so you never miss a cue. I set you off on the right foot to apply weckmethod into your favorite styles of training. Whether you're and athlete, fighter, or movement enthusiast, I promise you the BEST programming to get you on the fast track to your goals.


As a WeckMethod Master Coach, I can bring our premier Rotational Movement Training Specialist certification to your gym! If you're a gym owner, or motivated coach, I offer both private and public events to get this cutting edge information to you and your elite trainers. Trainings open to the public are for EVERYONE. So if you've been itching to onboard WeckMethod to your coaching or personal practice, you've come to the right place! 

Learn more about my 1:1 offerings, and hosting an RMTS Training at your location on a discovery call!

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